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From simple to specialist hosting and Email requirements.


 Rack Mounted Web Hosting ServerAs a web hosting provider, SCS Web Design can supply all your web hosting requirements. From entry level web hosting to dedicated servers, we can provide the solution you need.

The server systems in our web hosting platform utilise state-of-the-art technology creating a fast, reliable web hosting platform:

Secure & Reliable: Our UK servers are located at Centro, based just outside of the M25 in Hemel Hempstead. The data centre features an exceptionally highly specified infrastructure including: mist fire protection systems, specialised heat and smoke sensors, raised flooring, scalable power for future expansion, 24x7 technical support 365 days a year and very high levels of security.

Fault Tolerant Data Storage: All data is stored in RAID disk arrays, where data is automatically synchronised between all disks within the array so that in the event of a disk failing the remaining disks continue to serve data to the servers with no downtime.

Multiple Internet Connections: We operate a multi-homed network, comprising multiple connections to the Internet with different backbone providers, should any connection fail, our other connections will automatically take all the traffic. Not only does this mean that we are very unlikely to lose connectivity to the Internet but it also means that traffic moving to and from your website can choose the fastest possible route to its final destination, thereby increasing the connection speeds to your website.

99.9% Uptime guarantee: Our fault tolerant systems mean we can give you this guarantee.

We have web hosting plans to suit most requirements. Should you require specialised features we can usually supply these too. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.