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When normal hosting is not enough, we can manage a server on your behalf.

Sever ConsoleFor very busy websites, or websites requiring large amounts of storage and other specialist systems, ordinary shared web hosting is not enough. For these situations, we offer a dedicated server management service.

Unlike shared web hosting packages where a single web server is shared between many clients and websites, a dedicated server is exclusively leased to a single customer. The customer then has the full power of the server and the full benefit of the services it offers.

But running a dedicated server requires specialist skills and in-depth knowledge, a server is not something one can set-up and forget. It requires daily monitoring, log checking, system updates, backups, etc. This is why we offer a server management service.

We have the skills and experience to maintain a server on your behalf. We can analyse your requirements and advise on the most appropriate specification of server for your needs.

So if ordinary shared hosting is no longer enough for you, contact us for free friendly advice.