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A very cost effective way to expand your sales. Working for you 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

E-Commerce The Internet has become a highly lucrative market place in which to sell goods and services. From washing machines to telephones, it is possible to buy almost anything directly from the Internet. With over one Billion people using the Internet, it is a market place difficult to ignore.
Establishing an On-Line Shop is a very cost effective way to expand your sales. With no premises, and only the goods to be dispatched, your overheads and wage bill are significantly reduced. Indeed many on-line shops are run by a single person working just a few hours per day.
SCS can offer a number of E-commerce solutions, from a standard E-Commerce shop where customers can view product photo's and descriptions before buying on-line with a credit card, to powerful E-Commerce systems which integrate into your ERP and back end business systems.
Modern E-commerce systems deliver an easy and pleasant online shopping experience to your customers. Navigating through your product range is simple, and the system provides  'Spotlight' areas to highlight new products and special offers.
There are so many features in our E-Commerce systems we cannot begin to describe them all here, please contact us for more information.